The need for an active and playful daily routine.

In an era where the European children and youth spend more and more time in institutions, it is of great importance that teachers and educators pay attention to their daily life and participation in Sport for All and physical activity. Many European and World research and initiatives such as Designed to Move have shown that we are in a global physical inactivity crisis – a growing problem that cannot be solved alone.

Kindergarten and schools play a significant role in promoting sport and make sports part of their program. Many kids have learnt to love participation in sports and have many good experiences with it. But sports are not enough for a number of reasons:

  • There are not enough teachers and educators with good sport-related skills to cope with the everyday needs for education in sports;
  • There are not enough tools, equipment, and sports courts. Sports equipment requires significant financial investment from the schools, kindergarten, individuals, families, and from local communities;
  • The psychology, ideologies and values ​​of sports do not attract all children and young people, in fact there are many who are repelled by participating in contests or meeting the requirements of training schedules - all those who are not the best or do not win when doing sports!
  • If educators, teachers and other professionals responsible for children and young people's education really want to create more movement and joy in the everyday lives of young people, and foster a lifelong love of physical activity, we must look elsewhere in our European and World’s culture.

A place to look is at Traditional Sports and Games (TSG). The cultural diversity of TSG is huge. There are always TSG that will suit the children/youth, as well as the teachers and educators that are working with them.

Therefore, TAFISA has initiated the project “Recall -Games of the past - Sport of today”. “Recall” provides access to TSG from many countries in Europe and beyond. By searching the games collection, teachers, educators, children and young people may play their way into the European culture - and experience lots of fun being physically active.