Innovate your coaching session with Traditional Sport and Games!

Due to social development and urbanization, children living in urban areas have nowadays less opportunities to perform sport activities outdoors, and, at the same time, even have less space at home to manage any kind of activity because of the small sizes of the new homes. This is particularly a problem for many people living in cities. Considering the current physical inactivity crisis and health situation of our societies, it is required to focus on serving daily needs of movement. Why not doing this playfully and with a different approach, as a way to help tackle social challenges of today in a fun manner? Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) could equally be part of the everyday life and we could all strive to maintain this dual tradition. They are part of our national and European eurhythmics and tradition. We all know, in general, what a child should not do (run around at home, jump on the bed, run or play with a ball on the street because it is dangerous, or even play in the park where the sign ‘don’t step on the grass’ is found), but what is allowed should be our responsibility to encourage and support within our own opportunities. By using TSG as an old, but new idea, we as coaches and volunteers can complement our sessions and classes to make them different. It is easy to start with children and youth who like to match their skills. They always want to prove something, and this is reflected in their games as well. The most respect has the one who is the most skillful and the strongest. Perhaps, during your normal session it is known which child is performing the best, but with TSG this ‘business as usual’ practice varies and a chance is given to other children to show they can be better in the game. Why not giving a chance to yourself to demonstrate it and giving a chance to all children to help them gain self-confidence, by introducing TSG in your sessions?