Type of game:
Locomotion Game
Character of the game:
Country of origin:
Aim of the game:
The foxes must catch the chicken, the chicken must catch the vipers and the vipers must catch the foxes.
Number of players:
Multi Player
12+ (at least 4 per team)
3 +
Area of play:
Indoor or outdoor free space.
Indoor Outdoor

Lashes or scarves of three different colors.
Motor skills
Speed Flexibility
Social skills
Cooperation Competion Communication Team building
Cognitive skills
Strategy Building
Not yet
Set up:
Select any indoor or outdoor area that allows the players to move freely. Mark three home bases in an area 3 x 3 m or bigger depending on the size of the group. Each base includes:
  1. A safe area for the home team
  2. A prison for the players that are caught by the home team.
Create three teams with an equal number of players. One team are the chickens, the second team are the vipers and the third team are the foxes. Each team is given a particular color for their lashes or scarves, with each team member getting their own lash or scarf.  

At the beginning of the game, each team stays in its safe area. When the instructor gives the signal, they all leave the safe area and the chickens try to tag the vipers, the vipers try to tag the foxes, and the foxes try to tag the chicken. When someone is tagged, it is brought to prison by its tagger. Teammates can try to free imprisoned players by running to the prison – when they tag one of the prisoners, all prisoners can get out.

A player that brings one to prison cannot be tagged during the “journey”. Players are allowed to go to their safe area, where they cannot be tagged, whenever they like.
Teaching Styles:
  • Provide clear and simple instruction.
  • Balance the ability level of the team.
  • Encourage players to communicate throughout the game.
  • Use a buddy system within each team.
  • Safety instructions to be tailored to the environment and participants playing the game.
  • Encourage the teams to make the noise/sound of the animal they represent.
  • Add time limits to the amount of time the players can stay in their safe area.
  • Add several safe areas per team.
  • Increase/decrease the number of teams (animals) in the game to make it easier or more difficult.
  • Ensure the indoor/outdoor playing area has a smooth surface and is free of obstacles.
  • Increase/decrease the playing area / safe zones.
  • Use bright team colours.
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