Type of game:
Locomotion Game
Character of the game:
Country of origin:
Aim of the game:
The aim is to make someone ‘step on the devil’, which means to drag, pull or push someone to the center of a circle where the devil’s face is drawn.
Number of players:
Multi Player
3 +
Area of play:
Indoor or outdoor free space (players should be able to form a big circle by holding hands while playing)
Indoor Outdoor

Motor skills
Coordination Balance Strength
Social skills
Cognitive skills
No date of appearance or place of origin is known.
Set up:
Select any indoor or outdoor area that allows the players to move freely. On the clay, cement, bitumen, sand or gravel surface a devil’s face is drawn with a chalk or branches.   This contact, inclusive game is designed for both genders and can be played all year round.  The game last 10 minutes and requires a judge selected from the playing group.
All players must form a large circle. One player is selected as a judge who draws “the devil’s face” (circle for the head, eyes, nose and mouth) in the middle of the circle, then goes outside the circle to observe and judge the play. Players forming the circle strongly hold hands and drag, pull or push the others. The goal is to make someone step on the devil’s face. Although the circle obviously bends and turns, no player can let go of another's hands! If the hands are released, those two players who faulted fall out of the game. The judge watches and calls out the player’s name stepping onto the devil. The game continues until three players remain in the circle. When one of these three players steps on the devil, the game ends and the last two players win the game. To start a new game, a new judge should be selected.
Teaching Styles:
  • Provide clear and simple instruction
  • Complete a walk through the playing area
  • Encourage players to communicate throughout the game
  • Safety instructions to be tailored to the environment and participants playing the game
  • Create two teams to encourage teamwork
  • Adjust connection between players (e.g. Link arms instead of holding hands)
  • Increase/decrease the number of players
  • Increase/decrease playing time
  • Increase/decrease the size of the circle
  • Use audible or brightly coloured equipment to mark the devil’s face.
No date of appearance or place of origin is known.