Traditional Sports and Games in general, and project “Recall: Games of the Past – Sports of Today” in particular, provide any interested parties with elements that will bring a unique added value to their daily work, public and followers.

The intrinsic characteristics TSG bear, combined with project Recall practical materials and resources, open the door for the creation of early positive experiences for children, as well as lifelong love of physical activity.

Because there are only few organizations across the world dealing with TSG, institutions participating freely in project Recall will position themselves as “fun agents” and pioneers in a growing and promising environment.

They will benefit from an access to a worldwide network of experts and practitioners and:

  • Bring opportunities for their members to have fun and be active, therefore enhance their quality of life;
  • Attract a wider audience;
  • Create connectedness and social ties in their community;
  • Strengthen and promote their local, national and European identities, and the link that exists between them through TSG mobilization;
  • Encourage social inclusion, understanding, integration and respect for others;
  • Contribute to bridging the gap between generations: TSG can be played by children and grandparents altogether;
  • Safeguard the and promote the European heritage as well as world’s intangible heritage;
  • Preserve, promote and increase participation in TSG.
  • Discover traditions of the world.

Participation in project Recall is free – please do not hesitate to use our online resources and contact our team!